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BRTD has had a long and illustrious history since being formed at the release of PlanetSide 1 in 2003. A combined arms outfit, we use all the tools at our disposal to “have fun and get shit done” - a playstyle that has allowed BRTD to remain one of the most active and effective outfits on Auraxis for such a long time.

BRTD prides itself on having a community of players who fight hard and play harder; going from an incisive drop with armour and air support to having a Flash race through hostile territory, we strive to succeed without sacrificing the fun element of gaming. We are Better Red Than Dead. Are you?

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Either on our Discord server or our forums, one of our strengths is our sense of community. We’re a friendly bunch, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

Combined Arms

Our multi-faceted approach caters to all playstyles. So whether you’re an ace pilot, a panzer general or a dedicated ground-pounder, there’s a place for you in BRTD.

Tryhards? No.

You’re more Florence Nightingale than Rambo? Engineer extraordinaire? Live for flying a Galaxy? We love our support players and really appreciate good team play.
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