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BRTD Trailer - PacificBRTD

Written by Juggernaut on . Posted in Videos


Mike Tango: A Planetside 2 Machinima

Written by Juggernaut on . Posted in News

BRTD releases our Tango Series of Recruitment Videos.

"In the far future on a distant planet there is only war, while the Terran Republic soldiers on Amerish fall to overwhelming numbers they call out for their last and only hope."

Watch, enjoy and then head over to Join Us to apply. Created and Directed by Edgewalker.


Warp Gate Episode 3 before it gets released

Written by Juggernaut on . Posted in Videos

New planetside 2 Video by Planetside Europe Featuring our very own BRTD Boostoff.


PlanetSide 2 Operation: Make Faster Game!

Written by Juggernaut on . Posted in News


Finally SOE are making Planetside 2 faster.This should make it easier to retain new players, as there is a lot of FPS and bugs with the game atm. 

"OMFG! Operation: Make Faster Game!
What happens behind closed doors with the PlanetSide2 Development team?
Take a trip to SOE's San Diego Studio and into the heart of the
development efforts to optimize PlanetSide2. In this first in a series
of Documentary style videos, you will get to know the people behind the
efforts as well as get a glimpse at the types of technological
challenges and creative solutions that the team discussed and implements
in Operation: Making Faster Game!"

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